Few kilometres away from the city centre of Florence, there’s the Villa owned by Camillo Negroni’s family: Villa Vespa in Scandicci. It was acquired by Paul de Turenne, a noble French diplomatic, second housband of Camillo’s mother, and he renewed it after his neoclassic taste. The original design of the Villa is of the architect Fabrizio Galliari. A very famous mansion, it is said that Napoleon slept there, Villa Vespa is surely a place of interest for a true Negroni lover.

It’s in this place that Camillo’s mother, Ada Savage Landor – niece of the famous English romantic poet  Walter Savage Landor – found finally some quiet and happyness, after having lived a troubled relationship with Enrico Negroni, her first housband.
There are pictures of Count Camillo Negroni in this Villa, surrounded by his relatives, we see him sit with his mother, his wife and it’s pleseant to think about his return from his adverturous life in the States, finding some rest, in a place that could guarantee beauty and ispiration, a place that maybe helped in his most famous creation.

Count Camillo Negroni & Family at Villa Vespa

Paul de Turemme, in his diplomatic career lived in Asia and USA, and for sure he had the chance to taste the new drinks coming from those places and the new mixing techniques, not yet arrived in Italy. The Villa was at that time an international enviroment, and we can imagine that English was the first language there, and all this maybe helped in the birth of the Negroni Cocktail.

Villa Vespa 1910

Luckly the Villa is perfectly restored, kept safe by the several owners who lived there after the Negroni creation: the frescos, furnitures, the Italian-style garden, everything is still the same since Camillo Negroni’s times: really the perfect place for a true Negroni lover’s holiday!

Villa Vespa now

Yes, and this is great fresh new, you can now hire the main floor of Villa Vespa, the same where Camillo lived, and enjoy an unforgettable experience spent wandering in the places Camillo may have visited, drinking Negronis in Florence best venues, knowing every detail about this classic and so loved cocktail. Villa Vespa will be the ideal spot for and exclusive holiday in Toscana, with the main turistical attractions easly reachable.

Do you want to live your perfect Negroni cocktail lover holiday?
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Forza Negroni!


Thanks to mister Giuseppe Garbarino for the precious informations about Villa Vespa


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