The Negroni is a classic cocktail enjoying a long renaissance among bartenders and cocktail lovers around the world.

But what are the origins of this much loved aperitivo, and how has such a simple drink evolved over time? And how has a cocktail with such a commonly accepted birth managed to inspire such heated debate. For the first time in the USA, the world’s 3 pre-eminent experts on the Negroni will take you on the ultimate Negroni journey through both time and place. Luca Picchi, author of the authoritative history of the Negroni, will be joined by Giuseppe Gallo, award winning vermouth ambassador, and Mauro Mahjoub, a man so devoted to the Negroni he opened a bar named for the cocktail.

Join this trio of experts and learn the real history of the Negroni for the first time. How did this drink evolve from the aperitivi of caffe’ culture? What is the influence of the Milano-Torino and the Americano on the birth of the Negroni? Is the Negroni French or Italian? And how has the Negroni evolved in Europe and around the world? For the first time, authoritative Negroni research will be showcased, to coincide with Luca’s Negroni book being published, an event worthy of celebration. Join us on the ultimate Negroni journey, from the cafes of Turin and Milan in the 1860s, to the classic American Bars of Europe in the 1920s and 30s, and the Golden Age of La Dolce Vita, and see how today, the world’s best bartenders have left their mark on the Negroni around the globe. SALUTE!



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