The Negroni Cocktail


The Italian most popular cocktail in the world and also the bartender’s favourite cocktail, a simple preparation and easy to make at home or in your bar, a perfect balance of the notes and the possibility to personalize this preparation while remaining in the same receipe: this is the Negroni cocktail!

There must be a reason if this cocktail, almost 100 years after its creation, continues to be well debated, studied and consumed. It’s not an easy drink , it’s for refined palates but the Negroni manages to attract attention, for many reasons.

Everything starts from the desire of Count Camillo Negroni to drink something “stronger” than a usual “Americano”, thus replacing the soda with the Gin. Simple and trivial as it may seem, it is a revelation that changed the history of the aperitivo in Italy and worldwide, more than any other beverage ever.

The Negroni has a common recipe with many other older cocktails and perhaps it was inspired by those American drinks, but it is placed in the Italy of 1919, made with characteristic elements of the “bel paese” which have exalted its personality. We can talk for years on the Negroni birthright, but one thing is certain: it is in Italy that has grown and spread, there it has become a classic drink in every bar, in all these years.

Its classic formula, 1/3 Vermouth Rosso 1/3 Bitter 1/3 Gin, so simple and rigorous, creates a unique alchemy, a journey between notes on the palate, exalting all three ingredients of the Negroni. One thing is essential, the higher the quality of these ingredients and the better will the Negroni be. That is why it becomes a fine cocktail, because of the possibility of using exclusive products in its realization, offering the possibility to enhance from time to time a single note.

And then the “twists”, all the possible, endless variations: we can explore in every way, characterize the Negroni using typical products of a given place, change one of the ingredients to radically change the flavor profile: this cocktail is a way of interacting with our taste or with our customer, it offers possibilities that no one else can offer.

We intend to study it, analyze it, celebrate it with this site, associating it to the figure of whom created it.

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