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About the Negroni Week

About the Negroni Week
3530 venues partecipating from 42 countries in the world, triple the number of bars that participated last year! This are some fact from the last Negroni Week. The news spread very widly on the main online newspapers, 18.000 posts on Instagram. A real success!

Twist: Negroni and the Goat

Inspired by a receipe first prepared in Chicago, this twist adds an Amaro to the Negroni.
We used the bitter, the amaro and the Gin produced by Distillerie Valentini 1872, an Italian brand, one of the few small ones providing such a wide range of products to build a Negroni.

The Negroni Pie

The Negroni Pie

After having discovered the receipe of the Negroni Pie, originally created at Butter & Scotch, Brooklyn it was just impossible not to try to make it.

The Largest barrel-aged Negroni

The Largest barrel-aged Negroni
96 bottles of Campari, 96 of Cinzano 1757 and 96 of Bulldog Gin were mixed together to create the world largest barrel-aged Negroni Cocktail.

Twist: Il Tonico del Conte Negroni

The Count’s Tonic, where the bitterness of the Negroni meets the tonic water.
A true refreshing long drink.

The weirdest Negroni cocktail

Mr. Douglas Derrick surely created the “weirdest” Negroni, during the Negroni Week 2015.

Twist: a white Negroni

White Negroni, with the bitter side of the cocktail brought by the “Scuppoz gentian liqueur”.

The top 5 Negroni Cocktail websites

 A list of 5 top website to know more about this delicious cocktail we love so much!


The oldest Negroni by Salvatore the Maestro Calabrese

The oldest Negroni will be prepared at Camparino in Milan by Salvatore Calabrese, using the classic 3 ingredients, with a combined age of 300 years.
We can follow the event on Campari official’s Periscope.

Twist: The Negroni Cardinale

The Negroni Cardinale is a classic twist, some sources thinks it was created even before the Negroni, it is described as “a Martini with Campari which turns it red.”

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