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“Negroni Cocktail An Italian legend” by Luca Picchi Book review

The long awaited book from Mr. Luca Picchi,  Negroni Cocktail An Italian Legend, is finally published and available broadly, and we were so curious about it. The book is full of old pictures and cocktails images, which makes the reading kind too fast, it’s a pity, we suspect the writer kept some more information for further issues of the book.

The first section of the book is about Florence of those times, before the Negroni Cocktail was created in 1919. It’s a nice wandering trough the narrow streets of the city center, discovering places that might have influenced this creation.

It’s a matter of fact that the Negroni could just be born in Florence, as Mr. Picchi perfectly explains.
We loved the part dedicated to the memory of the barman who first served the Negroni, Mr. Fosco Scarselli. We just remember Count Camillo Negroni nowadays, but Fosco’s help was surely fundamental. So it’s important to keep this part of the story alive.

The photos of the following section, dedicated to Camillo’s life are very impressive.  They tell many unknown things, they talk about the people the Count met in his life, his lifestyle, his habits.

Mr. Picchi then analyzes the birth and luck of the Negroni, trying to understand how it spread worldwide, why it is so appreciated by bartenders around the world. It is surely interesting to learn this part of the story, understanding why it is so linked to the concept of aperitivo in Italy, and why it lead to various variations of the original receipe.

In the next 150 pages of Negroni Cocktail An Italian Legend  there’s a collection of Negroni variations.

Some are classical and some are innovative and would take a lot of techniques to prepare them at home. Which is maybe the limit of this section. Mr. Picchi tells us to try those twists with friends. But he’s probably referring to his bartender friends…unless you have a goat skin sack to age your Negroni. He surely knows how to be inviting and some of his recipes seem very interesting. They’re worth a visit to those bars who can offer them.

The book ends with a short history of the ingredients of the Negroni Cocktail: the Gin, the Campari and the Vermouth, and is full of historical illustrations.

If you love a Negroni and you want to really know what you’re drinking, you must definitely read Negroni Cocktail An Italian Legend. Maybe while sipping one of the wonderful creation of Count Camillo.

Forza Negroni!

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  1. Colonel Hector Andres Negroni

    23 October 2015 at 16:58

    ccording to this book, a person by the name of “Count Camilo Negroni” allegedly invented the Negroni Cocktail. This is totally false. I have traced and studied the genealogy of the Negroni Family back to the 11th Century and can categorically tell you that there is no one by that name in the Negroni Family. The real inventor of the Negroni Cocktail is our ancestor General Pascal Olivier Count de Negroni while he was a Cavalry Captain stationed in French Senegal between1855 and 1865. I have documents proving this assertion. I ask you to spread the word to all the members of your branch of the Negroni Family and ask them to visit The Life of Negroni website and write a comment stating that the true inventor of the Negroni Cocktail was none other than General Pascal Olivier Count de Negroni.

    • Dove risiedo io, c’è un tale (giuro) che negli anni ha svolto le attività di combina matrimoni, giocatore d&;r217#azza8do, pappone (con sombrero, pelliccia e Harley Davidson rosa, mica cazzi) e mago;ma nemmeno lui è arrivato a proclamarsi re d’Italia!

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