About the Count, his cocktail and everyting said about it in the World

The Count had a very adventurous life, but we like to remember him for his creation, the main, the most popular, the most common: the Negroni cocktail.

Camillo’s life and his creation are actually very debated, but one thing is undeniable: the Negroni is inextricably associated with the figure of Count Camillo Negroni, it is a fact.

Reconstructions from influential cocktail historian confirm what we already knew, infact those doubts are created especially by those who have an interest in entering into this discussion.

The life of the Count inspired his cocktail, his British root family, his education, his travels, America: everything must be sought in his cocktail.



Born May 25, 1868, grandson by mother side of a famous pre-Romantic English poet, the Count has traveled frequently between London and the United States, where he met and appreciated the art of mixology, and presumably also tasted those preparations that many consider the forerunners of the Negroni.

Past his 50 years, for nostalgia, for eccentricity, because he wanted something stronger, the Count asked his trusted bartender to change the recipe of the “Americano”, in 1919 at the Caffè Casoni. The intuition of Mr. Fosco Scarselli created the Cocktail Negroni, as we call it, “the usual” as the Count used to ask, “the-drink-the-Count-is-drinking”, as the people who had the pleasure to admire Camillo Negroni drinking his perfectly balanced cocktail, used to order.

Hence the legend, the recipe travelling from bar to bar, linked to the name of who created it in a place and at a precise time: the Count Camillo Negroni.

This site aims to celebrate his figure and analyze what the Negroni has become in the world.

It seems that the Count isn’t rightly celebrated yet for its cocktail and that this will be the space to do it.

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