Camillo Negroni

Talking about the Negroni with Mauro Mahjoub

Being in Berlin for BCB we couldn’t loose the occasion to interview Mr. Mauro Mahjoub, one of the bartenders that helped the most to spread the love for the Negroni in the world, owner of Mauro’s Negroni Club in Munich and Campari’s Brand Ambassador.

Negronis at BCB‏‏‏ with Gary “Gaz” Regan

Ok. Earnestly, can you imagine how emotional can it be to interview Gaz Regan, if you love the Negroni? Can you imagine how could it be to have a talk with the man who did so much to spread the love for this iconic cocktail we all love?

If I only knew…visiting the Gin Day

I just visited Milan for the first and most important Italian event dedicated to Gin, and in this occasion Mr. Luca Picchi presented his book to the Italian Negroni Lovers, it was really unmissable.

Twist: Sailor Negroni

A Twist made with Rum instead of Gin: the spiciness of this spirit mix well with the botanicals of Campari and of the vermouth.
When you are looking for a sweeter Negroni, something that can convert someone who’s not into Negroni, this is the Twist for you. 

“Negroni Cocktail An Italian legend” by Luca Picchi Book review

The long awaited book from Mr. Luca Picchi,  Negroni Cocktail An Italian Legend, is finally published and available broadly, and we were so curious about it. The book is full of old pictures and cocktails images, which makes the reading kind too fast, it’s a pity, we suspect the writer kept some more information for further issues of the book.

Twist: Cornwall Negroni

Cornwall Negroni Cocktail is a Twist  that pushes the Negroni toward a Martini style drink, heavy on the Gin, with more notes given by Campari and Punt e Mes.
Created in 2006 by Philip Ward in New York, this is a perfect Negroni when you want something even stronger.
We presented the original version, more a winter version, but it can be also served on the rocks.

TotC 2015 Lucca Picchi Mauro Mahjoub and Giuseppe Gallo: From Milano to Torino and Beyond

The Negroni is a classic cocktail enjoying a long renaissance among bartenders and cocktail lovers around the world.

Negroni Cocktail an Italian Legend by Luca Picchi presented at TOTC 2015

The long awaited English version of Mr. Luca Picchi’s book about the Negroni Cocktail and Count Camillo Negroni, will be presented at Tales of the Cocktail 2015 in New Orleans at the “Cafe Torino”. The presentation will be hosted by  the 2014 Spirited Award winning Brand Ambassador Giuseppe Gallo.


Villa Vespa, was the Negroni created here?

Few kilometres away from the city centre of Florence, there’s the Villa owned by Camillo Negroni’s family: Villa Vespa in Scandicci. It was acquired by Paul de Turenne, a noble French diplomatic, second housband of Camillo’s mother, and he renewed it after his neoclassic taste. The original design of the Villa is of the architect Fabrizio Galliari. A very famous mansion, it is said that Napoleon slept there, Villa Vespa is surely a place of interest for a true Negroni lover.

Twist: Blood Orange Negroni

A sweeter Negroni, with a more citrusy taste. Made with a “Navy Strenght Gin”.
This twist is very popular in the USA, we would love it was popular everywhere!

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